30 January 2009

pidaos support palestinian

salam to all of you. as we know, palestine land is still being attacked by israel laknatullah until now. me and my brother are not strong enough to be there. nevertheles, we never forget to pray for palestinian each time after prayers.

yesterday my brother and my daddy have the chance to have a up of tea with one palestinian at a mamak stall nearby my office. actually they just met and only know each other at that time. what a coincidence. my brother 'pida-os' and my daddy was very touched when he can get to hear news from one of palestinian himself.

so, my brother ask me to add an article to show his morale support to our brothers and sisters in palestine. he actually have his own blog but still he want to 'menyibuk' in my blog.. so let it be lah...

malays quoted 'masuk kandang kerbau menguak, masuk kandang kambing mengembek'... so the first step to support palestine is to feel like beeing one. pidaos choose to wear an arabic costume.

pidaos also wants his fellow brothers to feel strong to face this takdir.... we human must believe with Allah's promis and one day palestine will gain their strength and able to fight back those Israel. insyaallah with the help from all muslim nations.

sorry for the broken english...



AQisH said...

hikhik..i feel the heat too..together we play our role by boycotting their product as well eh ;-)