15 October 2009

story for today

what story actually?

i have no input to update. actually I'm feeling bored. all of my office mates are in JB attending company's event.

left me and my 3 colleagues (at level 6) administering the office. administering? mwahahahaaaa... we have been doing 'research' all day long...

**research = our the scientific code name for browsing Internet during office hours...

coincide to it, i have lost all my data in this PC. and i have to wait for the IT guy to come back from JB. so technically, i'm allowed to do research rightttt?????

let me brief u with what i've found in my research today.

today i got to know that ida nerina has been divorced by her husband...

today i got to know that fasha sandha and qabil ambak are only friends... ngeh3...

i also got to know that JAIS is looking for norlia ghani to question her relationship with hj. kahar... norlia pun kena???

and of course as you all can read through in the newspapers about UMNO's general assembly. various quotes and comments from the members. hm....ada aku kesah????

let it be..

this morning, when i woke up, porche is not home. i guess he managed to jump out of the window, again. brensekkkkkkkk.. his feet is still hurt...

hmm... let it be.. he must be bored to be left alone in the house.

i think it's enough for today. i got some new ideas on what to research...